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Need more Rat Control ?  Hire someone that uses an Environmentally-Responsible approach for handling  rodents.  NO POISON!!! Don't get taken advantage of with a one-solution approach that other companies offerWe  identify the Problem, and give customers a proper Rodent education. 
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One of your first indications of poor rodent control is a rat infestation may be the appearance of pellet-sized dropping in your home and attic. These feces are a good indicator of how long your problem has been there, with fresh droppings appearing very dark and soft. After 4-5 days, the droppings will lose their color and harden. While there are 40 – 50 species of rats and mice in Texas alone, you are most likely to find Roof Rats and/or Norway Rats causing problems in and around your home. Rats can be incredibly destructive house guests, creating problems seen and unseen, such as:

  • Destroying the insulation in your attic
  • Leaving feces and urine in your attic and walls
  • Chewing on wires and ducting in your attic
  • Spreading diseases to you, your family, and your pets

Because of their prolific breeding habits and their destructive nature, it is important to make any rat problem a priority before it becomes an infestation. Call us now for a free inspection of your home.

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Health Risks

Contamination of food and disease transmission are two major concerns with rat infestations. Rats will contaminate your food with feces and urine while searching for something to eat which transmits diseases to humans and pets. Rat mites, fleas and lice can also carry diseases and will infect animals and rarely people.

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